Fun Activities to get a Sociable Church Picnic

Church picnics are a great time for everyone involved. They may be great for strengthening or building new relationships, sharing personal testimonies, or simply generally having a great time among like-minded individuals. The down-side of course is that it could be pretty difficult to find the proper activities how the whole congregation can enjoy. You must arrange for both adults and children, be sure you have enough food for everybody, and exercise a transportation system using the charter bus as well as other method of transport. Planning all this may be stressful, but don't forget that it's about the fun and fellowship with the whole thing, so avoid getting too bogged down with all the details.

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Just about the most important parts of bringing individuals together and building relationships is finding an action that everyone can also enjoy collectively. If you have a smattering of different activities on the picnic, you might find that many people follow smaller groups at various activity centers, which sort of defeats the goal of the whole thing. Here are a few ways for you to plan your church picnic so everybody gets involved.

Assign Tables

A very important factor that happens at any group outing would be that the attendants often stick in groups with people they already know. When they sit back to consume lunch, they search for familiar faces to participate them for that meal. There is nothing really wrong with that, however it limits your skill to fulfill new people. If you assign others arbitrarily for the picnic tables, it is possible to give people a way to socialize with folks they've didn't have an opportunity to talk to before.

Use Mini Shuttles for Transportation

Transportation presents the same problems you can get at mealtime over a church picnic. Using a large charter bus, people will sit alongside others that they know. The purpose isn't to push people into uncomfortable situations, needless to say, but simply to offer them a way to reach outside their normal social circle and connect to new faces. On the mini shuttle charter bus, you place people in to a smaller, more friendly environment where they are able to easily speak with everybody else present. This can be far better for socialization than employing a full size charter bus, plus a thousand times better than having everybody drive for the picnic in their own individual cars. When you have to choose, at least choose a regular sized charter bus. And when the possibility is accessible for you, make it a mini shuttle.

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Plan a Bingo or Raffle Game

If you intend an actual physical activity like bean bag racing in the picnic, you're invariably likely to be cutting off a portion of the congregation that can't have fun playing the activity. Bingo is usually fun and it is something which everybody can have a go at, children and adults alike. The same holds true for any raffle, plus it builds excitement because of the promise of prizes. The most important thing provides a way for socialization and fun.


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